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There are several ways to make website. You can build website with Dreamweaver as if painting on a paper. Dreamweaver let you create web pages and all you need to do is to insert articles, images and videos into web page.

Another way to create website is to use Joomla CMS. In order to build website with Joomla, you won't need any web designing software. You only need to upload Joomla files into a web hosting package, install it and start to create web pages for your website. That's how easy building website with Joomla is.

Creating forum site is similar to making website with Joomla. Upload forum site files into hosting package, install it and create categories and sections. That's all folks.

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Yurtdisindan Alisveris (Turkish)

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Joomla Demo

Palheiro Golf

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SMF Forum 1

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